Areas of Expertise

The experience of our Associates and our network of strategic partners has allowed our boutique practice to provide unique services in Mexico, by bringing together the business, regulatory, technical, financing and operational components of the electricity business under one roof.

  1. Management and administration of the regulatory process

    The timely commercial operation of our client´s projects requires a management system and the opportune assistance in all stages of the regulatory process that gives a greater amount of certainty about the timeframe when the client will receive the necessary permits and contracts for their project.

  2. Advisory and Consulting Services

    For those clients who already have a project development team, we offer specialized consulting services, participating as advisors to infrastructure investment funds and serving on corporate boards.

  3. Audits and Financing of Energy Projects

    The interest of local and international companies to participate in the Mexican energy market has resulted in a specialized practice within APROMER to perform technical, regulatory and financial due diligence of projects for their purchase by banks, investment funds and utilities.

  4. Site and Technology Selection

    Our technical specialists have a high degree of expertise working on the field. With our technology partners this allows us to provide comprehensive advise to our clients when selecting the best location and technology for their projects, regardless of whether they are focusing in thermal, wind or solar projects.