1. About us

    The Agencia Promotora de Energía (APROMER) is made up of a multidisciplinary group of individuals with a wide experience in the Mexican energy sector who are dedicated to the development of electricity and oil & gas projects. A large network of strategic partnerships allows us to cover all aspects of the life cycle of your energy business, from conceptualization to operation and maintenance, providing expert advise on technology selection and engineering, procurement and construction.

  2. What do we offer?

    Given the wide array of business interests of our clients, as well as the different level of development of their projects, grid conditions, interconnection pre-feasibility and regulatory formalities with Comisión Reguladora de Energía, Comisión Federal de Electricidad and the ISO and technical specifications for EPCs are reviewed. Finally, financing requirements and efficiency and availability guarantees related to a specific operation and maintenance profile are specified. Our advisory and consulting services include project analysis, drafting of investment prospectus, specific studies in topics like smart grids, electricity market analysis and its regulation, market trends, commercial strategies, etc.

  3. What results do we provide?

    In APROMER, we work alongside our customer in the complete life-cycle of the project, from its inception to commerial operation, making sure that the development minimizes both costs and time for our clients. Through our strategic alliances with technology and service providers we make sure that our client´s EPC contract is completed so as to fullfil our client´s expectations, including specialized owner´s engineer services, BOP and reliable operation with availability and efficiency guarantees.

Our Offices

Mexico City

  • Colonia Polanco, Ciudad de México. CP 11570


United States

  • 170 Meserole Street, New York, NY, Zip Code 11206-2128